Pastor Manuel Pascoal - Benefits of Firstfruit Living

January 10, 2019

Firstfruit giving leads to firstfruit living! Living to honor God as first in your life will bring true blessings of overflow and renewal into your life. Listen and share!


Pastor Manuel Pascoal - Understanding First Fruit - Part 2

December 24, 2018

In this second foundation message, Pastor Manuel focuses on the Principle of First and how God is First over all. Understanding this opens up a whole new dimension of honor, priority and divine order in our lives.

Seek God first above all.


Pastor Manuel - Understanding First Fruit - Part 1

December 19, 2018

Understanding First Fruit is a vital subject.

In this message Ps Manuel lays a foundation for the correct view of the Old Testament and the Law. Without this foundation our perspective on many Biblical subjects will be flawed. Listen. Learn. Love the Word and share with someone.

God bless.


Pastor Manuel - Understanding Times & Seasons - Part 1

November 7, 2018

In this message, Pastor introduces a vital subject about understanding times & seasons. May you be blessed.


Overseer Genine Jacobs

September 11, 2018

Find your identity in God. He loves you and knows you and wants to bless you.


Dr. Samuel R. Chand - Siloam Leadership Summit

May 20, 2018

Dr. Sam Chand shares key insights that will impact your life, leadership and organiisation.

This teaching is a must for every leader!


Pastor Manuel Pascoal - Recovering from Life’s Injuries - Part 2

May 6, 2018

Pastor Manuel continues on this pertinent subject and introduces Keys to Recovery. We all get hurt in life and need someone to help us. Recovery is vital and God wants to heal us.

Trust this will bless you. Please share this message with a friend!


Pastor Manuel Pascoal - Recovering from Life’s Injuries - Part 1

April 29, 2018

Physical injuries are more obvious to us, whilst emotional and spiritual ones are often overlooked. Just as a physical injury requires skilled attention and care, so does our soul's hurts and pains.

God wants to restore your soul and heal your broken heart today. Find out more in this insightful message.


Preparing for the Glory - Master Keys to Glory

October 30, 2017

In this message Pastor Manuel shares 5 keys to prepare for the glory of God. Humility, Holiness, Hunger, Harmony and Honor. Prepare for the glory of God in your life.

Share this message with a friend. God bless you.


Preparing for the Glory - Sanctify Yourself

October 23, 2017

In this message Pastor Manuel continues to exhort on preparing for the glory of God. We need to sanctify ourselves unto the Lord. He promised to do wonders.